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Over the years, many artists have captured the essence of Dr.Syn in his many guises, but perhaps none more potently and vividly than Romney Marsh bred artist Terry Anthony. Terry's paintings have been sought after throughout the world and his work depicting Dr.Syn is loved by many, including being originally recognised and endorsed by Daniel Thorndike. In 2008, Terry was commissioned by Walt Disney to provide artwork for the bonus disc of the re-release of the 1964 movie - "Dr.Syn - The Scarecrow of the Romney Marsh." The re-release is part of the 'Disney Treasures' series and is the best known of 4 movies that have been made about the character. Terry has also painted the covers of Jayl's classic albums -'The Dance of Life' and 'The World and the Hooded Man'. His artwork is also included in Jayl's 2014 album - The Band of Life - ROMA. Check out Terry's phenomenal work by clicking the links below.

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