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In 1775, in arguably the most moving story of Syn's life, he finally finds Imogene in Rye on her deathbed. He forgives her before she dies and she reveals to him that Syn is the true father of her son and that 'Black Nick' left the boy somewhere in the Americas. These events are told in Russell Thorndike's "Doctor Syn Returns." At the novel's end Syn dispatches his faithful servant Shushuhgah to locate the boy, but alas, neither are heard of again in the series. There has been much speculation and rumour surrounding the fate of Syn's son. Now, due to extensive research and the uncovering of various new documents on the matter, there is evidence that Christopher Almago Syn was born in the summer of 1755 and was abandoned somewhere in the vicinity of the Hudson River at the age of 12 or 13. He was then adopted by a Mohican Indian tribe, eventually marrying a beautiful squaw (reputedly named 'Blue Moon Sky'). After many wild adventures, the couple eventually ended up in Imogene's native Spain and had a daughter named Christina Sky, who grew up to marry a Spanish Count. The events are captured in a rare and unpublished book by Romney Marsh author Chris George, recently discovered in archive documents from a hidden family vault in New Romney.

"Son of Syn" by Chris George - Painting by Terry Anthony ©
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