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In this gallery we have photos dating back to the start of the 1960's, when my mother and father were married at St.Peter & Paul's Church - Dymchurch. Thus my family's associations with The Day of Syn go back this far and will be 50 years old in 2010. We remember the treasure hunts of the 1960's when the whole village were involved and preperations for the big day began early in the new year. Traditions that the modern day Day of Syn Society strive to keep alive. In 1998, I rode into the village with the Night Rider's Biker's club and performed on the sea wall outside 'The City of London' - this was a magnificent and memorable occasion and caused quite a stir I believe. Perhaps I will perform again at the Day of Syn in 2010 ?? - WATCH THIS SPACE!
Day of Syn 1998 by Eddie Lowdell © - Click on Image to Enlarge
Meanwhile - I have recently discovered a very special old photo. It's of myself and my brothers and little sister as small children, outside the old Dymchurch Primary on the Day of Syn of 1970 I believe. The Vicar would have been the Reverend Kenneth Sims - a fine old gentleman who shared with me many secrets to do with Doctor Syn - some factual, some fiction? I also remember him from my days in Dymchurch Choir, when he also allowed me to partake of my first brandy!! A mere sip I must hasten to add! My family are also curious to know who the lady is with the Scarecrow and also who the other 4 little children are? If anyone knows, please feel free to contact us. Perhaps it's you??!! YOU CAN CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT. This photo is also extra special, because it's taken with my very first camera, which I had just acquired. Colour photography was, like colour television, a great novelty at that time. Wow - the changes we've seen in such a short time!
Day of Syn 1970 - Click on Image to Enlarge
Jayl - Child 'O' the Marsh
Day of Syn - 1960's
Day of Syn - 1998
Day of Syn - 2006
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